Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Yarn Drawing Winner! Happy New Year

December's Yarn Winner is Rayah! Congratulations! I hope you enjoy it! I will get it in the mail to you asap.

Happy New Year everyone!

Our Chrismas was good, but we had a dog fight between our two poodles and had to take the little one to the emegency Christmas evening. She got a bunch of stitches and is doing well now.

Today has been a great beginning to the new Year, as I got my desk at home cleared off. Next I am off to organize my yarn room some more. It seems that is a never ending process! I am looking forward to my New Years knitting that I have been putting off, but I still have one more toe sock to do and the first one to correct. I will have pics of the first one by next week. My brother -in -Law and his friend both took pics with their camera's , but I didn't get any as my battery went dead just as we began opening. Bleh! He did love it, though!

I hope you all are Happy and Healthy today and will continue to be so into this great New Year!

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Annie said...

hey! that yarn is really pretty; rayah is lucky. How is the pup?