Friday, September 26, 2008

A Good Day Sept - Oct.

I have been neglecting my blog all summer, because life has been busy. I have my daughter living with me now and she is working full time, I have my girlfriend here too, as well as taking in two housemates! We have a full house, not counting the extra three cats and two dogs that are part of the family now. I love it.

As you know, the market as been tough and it seems that it is not getting any easier as so many of the banks and lenders are having such trouble. The future is uncertain in that regard, but I realized today: I have yarn to last me 2 to 3 years, at least! LOL

It is the simple things that keep ya going, ya know? Like looking forward to seeing fall leaves on my cruise of the west coast. We leave tomorrow. Like knitting with soft yarn in a great color. Like selling a house every now and again. So all is well in my world as of right now.

I took a look at my UFO's and decided which ones to continue with. I made a list of gift knitting and swap knitting. I also made a list of things I can knit to sell. I am having my knitting and spun yarn juried in November so that I can sell things at the Tucson Museum of Art Sale at the Weavers and Spinners guild booth. I know that the profit is small, but the joy is large.

Enjoy your fall season everyone. Ours is slow in coming but by Halloween we should be basking in 70 degree days and 45 degree nights. Another reason to love Halloween!

The head picture is of some yarn I spun in a Spin a long from the ravelry group Spin Big! I had a blast drum carding the batt and spinning a thick, even single! Great progress in my hopes to spin Malabrigo like yarn!