Monday, December 17, 2007

Confessions (rantings)

It is one week until Christmas Eve when we open presents. I must tell you, I have failed. I am still only on the first sock for BIL's Toe Socks. I spent an hour today, one whole hour, picking up dropped gusset stitches from the thing as I was trying to knit it on to 4 dpns from the broken circ fiasco. I Had No Crochet hook. I am still at the gusset decreases. I don't know if these will fit him, I will have to fit each blasted toe to his foot (with a blind fold on?) His sister is nagging me to work on them when I am at home doing something else. I must not get myself worked up. Sorry.

To my confessions: Forgive me fiber sisters, for I have sinned. It will be 8 unknit Christmas gifts this year. A pair of socks for S, felted slippers for M and P, shawls for L and J, Mrs. Beetons for B, scarves for B's 2 girls. I began with such noble, pure thoughts in October, but my sin of selfishness and pride took over and I knit myself 2 hats and bought yarn for two sweaters and spent many hours on the computer over in the devils den of Ravelry making new friends. Please deliver me from this unrighteousness and help me resist the temptation to wrap up yarn and patterns and give them with an IOU. That is the path to my eternal destruction. Pray for me, sisters, now and in the hour(s) of my knitting. It is by your grace that I will finish the blessed toe socks and a miracle of your love if they fit.
As my penance I promise to give away much of my stash (especially with Acrylic in it) in 2008 and never again promise, hint at or tease with, a hand knit item for anyone else at Christmas. Amen.


La Duchesse said...

Oooh! Would you be willing to share your fudge recipe?

Annie said...

i should hook you up with my friend... she's on ravely, and sittie is her id there... ask her when she got her 2006 Christmas gifts for me! i did finish her gift on time this year, however, it isn't in the MAIL yet. you'd think that was the easy part?

i think yo should get credit for at least thinking about knitting Christmas gifts tho, don't you?

Rayah said...

I agree with Annie~ you should get credit for thinking about your loved ones with projects in mind, even if those projects don't actually materialize before a certain special day. I'm still knitting under the (possible) delusion that I can finish two and a half more projects before the big day. See that? I still think it's possible. I'm sure everything will work out well, and those unfinished projects will find a home in the real world someday.

Annie said...

me again..

i'm doing the blog version of singing Christmas carols... just dropping by to wish you a merry Christmas, and all the best in 2008.

annie (spinknit)

La Duchesse said...

Y'know... schools and women's shelters probably would be happy to accept donations of evil.. I mean nice... acrylic yarn. I took a bunch of stuff to my old elementary school this past summer, and the art teacher was very grateful; he was going to do weaving projects with the kids. Nice to know it went to a good home. :P Good luck with the YPD (Yarn Partum Depression) if you do convince yourself to give away any of your stash, KC!