Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Years Swatching

Well, it has been a long stretch at work. Today is my 10th day in a row. And I haven't sold a house yet. Go figure. People that consider my homes are also considering resales. Or if they really want my home, they have no money or poor credit. I am due for several in a row at this rate.
On my days off coming up (Wed & Thurs) I will get to be around knitting friends both days. Wed. some of us are getting together to talk about the upcoming knitting guild elections and then work on cleaning some of the great cotton my friend Joe gave me in Nov. Then Thursday is the knitting guild meeting with a special speaker. Then lunch out with a new friend. I will probably stop by the yarn shop too, and speak some more with the owner about the classes I will teach.
I began swatching for the top down sweater by Pure and Simple in Silky Wool by Elsbeth Lavold. I didn't have the right gauge so still need to do some more with that. I realized that I have two needle sizers and one is less accurate, so I may have to dump it. The reason the swatch didn't look right is the needle I thought was a six, was a seven.
I swatched for the pleated vest from Blue sky alpaca and got gauge and began, but decided that I need the large, not the medium. So yesterday I ripped back, cast on a few more stitches and got the dcenter ribbing done. I just love knitting with that yarn! Then I grabbed a larger needle for the stockinette and have done a few inches, but am not on gauge. My swatch has no notes on it. I listened to "Knit Science" podcast yesterday about gauge and she mentioned the trick of putting the needle size in code in the swatch by using yarn overs! I will be doing that in the furture!
I have not done any spinning for weeks and I miss it, but I just feel compelled to keep knitting so that I can get something finished! My hope is that by the end of this month I can have several projects going strong and some good spinning done. I think all of this swatching is making me a bit blue, cause I can't get it right and I have sooo many needles, but don't ever seem to have the RIGHT one when I need it.
Well, on the positive side, I have met a personal daily goal I set for myself for 4 days in a row. And yesterday I borrowed the book "7 habits of highly effective people" and reading that will be good for me.


pickayarn said...

Hope you run into more reliable prospective buyers for this new year:)


Annie said...

you know, i haven't been spinning either.. just knitting like a mad woman. so this weekend i spun and spun and it just felt so good. i hope you get back to it soon!