Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy and Sad, Frustrated and Mad

Hi all, It seems that January has gone by so fast and I have accomplished some things that I had set my mind to and not others. Such is life and I don't want to dwell on all the minutia that doesn't make much difference, like not cleaning out my closet of summer clothes. Instead let me share with you my seeming accomplishments and my other challenges related to knitting.
As I have said previously, I am going to be on the class schedule in March and April at my favorite knitting shop in town, Kiwi Knitting. This is a major exciting thing for me.I will be teaching a vest made of noro silk garden, the felted clogs from fiber trends and knitting with your handspun.
I have been concentrating very hard on getting the Noro Vest knit up for the class example. I am behind by a week from my original goal of having it done and now I will be further behind. Here is why:
Today I finished binding off for the arm holes and went to count my stitches. You know, you count your stitches when the pattern puts them in, right? I was so surprised that I had only 70 stitches after doing the proper amount of decreases, when I was supposed to have 84. I recounted. I counted my rows of decreases. Finally, I counted the cast on number with the help of the easy to read stitch pattern of 4 x 1 rib. I only had 90 stitches, not the 100 I needed to fit me. I sat, stunned and open mouthed for a full 2 minutes. Then I remembered: I had re cast on to be sure that the color on the bottom would be continuous. I didn't do the right number that second time. I still can't believe that I made such a bone headed error.And it was due to my being a prideful knitter. You know what I mean. I want people to say, "Wow, you made that!" Not, "Oh, did you make that yourself?" Plus, I feel that I have angered the knitting gods by not finishing my brother in laws d*mn toe socks.
So, the poll today is "What should I do with the vest?" Please leave a comment as well, with your experience and strength.

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Annie said...

if its possible, i would finish it, and still use it as an example for the class. it doesn't have to fit you to be good knitting and a workable pattern. am i right? afterwards, put it aside for your first completed 2008 xmas present (for a small person..)

and then... be easier on yourself. i think you have a lot on your mind.