Monday, January 14, 2008

A Few good Sales

Thanks for your comments and encouragement Annie and N! I have sold two houses in two days since I wrote my last blog post! I knew I was due. Sales are like that. Both are quick closes and will boost the bank which is good. I love what I do, but the up and down nature of it does get to be a drain sometimes.
I had a bad night last night due to doggie sickness. I went to an extra early Monday sales meeting and I was really tired. I have learned what my limits are, as my friend Joan said today. "You're old and now you know you limits" I gave her a playful slug in the arm and she quickly recanted the "old" part! But truely, I will no longer go more than 10 days in a row. Tomorrow is day 12 and I feel like I won't know what to do with myself on a day off. My car seems on auto pilot every morning 30 minutes down to Sahuarita. I was so low on gas the other night, that when I filled up it went to 17 gallons rather than 16 and cost me $50 bucks. Ah well.

It has helped that I have the pleated vest coming along really well. It is heavely to knit and I just did the decreases for the back arm holes and have several relaxing inches of stockinette for work knitting. I also bought myself a little cube basket at Fry's to keep one knitting project at work all the time. It is dark green and hides under my desk. I have the supplies for a pink baby sweater for a co-worker ready in there. It was part of my "can't get gauge" problem last week, but now I have the smaller needles with it to do another swatch.

It will be nice to get settled in my work space in the coming week. Today I spent a while at the other office writing up another sale, so I still felt split. But since I could sell one of those homes today, I did. I loose the right to sell all 3 products on Wed. when I am officially the full time site person for my section. It will be fine and I will enjoy putting pictures of my kids up!

Happy knitting and I will try to take pictures this week of us cleaning the cotton for spinning!


Anonymous said...

KC: I do drop in and read your blog from time to time. It is a good read. Congrats on the sales! I hope that the doggie is ok! Candy

Annie said...

Hey! Congratulations on the sales. It was your turn for all the hard work you put in. Let's see a picture of the vest.