Monday, December 3, 2007

Great felted Clogs!

Yeah! Ann's felted clogs (second attempt) came out great! I used the Berrocco Ultra Alpaca and, though it takes a while to felt down to the right size, it works great. I found that adding a pair of old or kinda dirty tennis shoes to the load helps it move along faster. Also, folding over the pillowcase that the clogs are in and pinning it with safety pins is a good way to go. Better than a wet knot! The sun is not as hot, so it is taking a longer time to dry them.
Has anyone had success with putting them in the dryer for a short time???

I began a hat for me with some hand spun that is coming out really well. I will post more in a few days on that. But I did find the pattern on Ravelry. gotta love it.

I went out with Ann to the golf course today, and really had a good time. The weather was perfect and on the 10th hole, I wish I had my camera, it was so pretty. I just go a long for the ride and watch the pin as she putts, but I did make a few Practice shots off one tee. I can't get hooked on golf. They say it is worse than knitting! Ann is a member of The Pines, which is close by the house. It is an old gravel pit with lots of turns on the cart path. Not good for knitting, but fast, when she is playing by herself with just me. As long as she plies me with beer, I can hang :)

Good luck with all of your holiday knitting and Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate it.
We have most of our decorations up but still need to put ornaments on the tree. Hugs, KC

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Rayah said...

I'm impressed that you've got Ann's clogs felted already... nice job! Those are really nice colors; I'm sure Ann is thrilled. I'll have to live vicariously through your knitting for the next week, because I have so much work to do for finals, so put lots of picures up! I should be able to resume next week, and my ravelry invite should be coming at the end of this week, but I have to be good and finish my papers/studying before I go wild with it! Wish me luck! Love ya, RayahKate