Saturday, December 15, 2007

Catch up and Fourth Comment drawing

Hello all you out there in fiber-holic land! I have been absent from this blog due, in part, to Ravelry! I love it. My daughter, Sharayah, has just gotten her invite too, so it has been double the fun, as she is in Bellingham, WA and it is so fun to see her WIP etc. She is Ravelrayah, in case you want to check her out. (Thanks Cindy of Delighted Hands!)

I have been madly trying to get ahead on BIL's Toe Socks. I was cruising along with the KP Harmony wooden circs, size 1, when last night, I put them in the beaded bag and heard a sickening "SNAP" Ughh, one broke. Now I have to find my addi turbos in the red toe up socks and switch and make sure they are the same mm size... Tomorrow morning.

I made a crochet hat this week out our SWT soy wool. It is sooo cute, don't you think? It fits me better than the bear!

The spun autum colored wool is going to be our next prize for this months comment drawing. I am going to wind off half the bobbin and 2 ply it. Ran out of Bobbins don't ya know! But now I have the little gem as well as the Rose from Majacraft and so I have 8 bobbins now!!! The little gem spins like a dream and seems to be much lighter on the feet. The tension is a bit touchy, but so far, if I leave it alone, no problems.

Gotta run and get ready for work, which has been terribly slow. Have a great day and be sure to comment! Hugs, KC


Cate K said...


The prize package arrived yesterday. It was waiting for me when I got home from work. What wonderful yarn! Thank you so much!

Now I just have to decide what I'm going to make with it.

I'm on a mitten binge right now... but something is telling me to think about a

Thanks again. You really are too generous!


La Duchesse said...

That's a gorgeous color combination. You have such a good eye! And your spinning is so uniform... I'm totally jealous.


KC said...

Thanks ilana, I am plying it tonight and it is really coming out more subtly than I had thought, but nice. Will have pics tomorrow. KC

Julie said...

Hey - your little avatar looks just like you! We should plan on meeting at Kathy's for spinning on Jan 5!!!

ikkinlala said...

The sock looks great, and so does the wool you spun. It's too bad about the needle breaking!