Saturday, December 1, 2007

We Have a Winner!

The winner of the November comment drawing is Cate K. Thanks to all who participated and I will attempt to have one for December, too.

Congratulations Cate! I will be getting in touch with you today.

I stayed home sick yesterday and this morning I got back on the computer and still no Cast On Pod cast. Total Bummer. I am checking out Stash and Burn due to many postive comments from Brenda's fan club on Ravelry.

Take care and happy knitting! KC

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Rayah said...

Hi mom~ sorry I forgot to comment before your drawing! I'll make sure to comment more as to be included in the next one. Bummer about Brenda's new podcast not being up yet! I've been reading a bit of Franklin's blog (The Panopticon) and he's supposed to have an essay on the new episode. He's so funny! Anyway, I'm still trying to catch up on the old episodes and haven't listened to any of the new ones yet. I've been checking my spot in the ravelry line everyday even though I know it doesn't make any difference. I think I should get my invite in about a week. I can't wait!