Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day

I have been extra occupied this last 4 weeks, but I have something to show for it. Mr. Greenjeans is done! This picture is pre-blocking and I think it looks Great! And it fits just right, too. I have it soaking in the sink and will lay it out to block before work.

My dogs, Hershey & Lucky are waiting anxiously with me while it soaks....

My Cat, Minkus, is not so enthused!

But they are my household now. I am single as of middle of March. My life partner and I went our seperate ways back in March and we are both doing just fine, if not better. We remain friendly and are trading dog sitting. She took Molly and Willie to live with her and I kept Hershy, Lucky and Minkus. She is living nearby in one of the furnished rentals that she owns and I will living here.

I continue to look forward to my oldest daughter, Sharayah, coming to live with me in July and I will be flying up to Seattle to attend her graduation in June from Western Washington University.

My work life has become wonderfully busy as well. I wrote up four contracts last Sunday. I haven't been that busy for sooo long. And my sales partner, Joan, wrote 4 over Saturday and Sunday. So the future is very bright financially, which helps my piece of mind soo much, as you can imagine.

I want to thank a special Ravelry friend, Spinknit aka Leanne, for her love and support. She and I have never met, except through Ravelry and yet we are so alike it is nearly spooky! She has been a rock these last several weeks as I would pour my heart out on the message post and she would respond with kind and gentle truths. Breaking up hurts, but the hurt passes. There are good days and not so good days, but day by day I will become stronger and better and more myself than ever before. And this is coming to pass. Thanks, Leanne.

Well, I had better get Mr. G out of the soak and block him so I can get to work on time and sell a few more houses! Hugs to all,


Annie said...

aww hon.. thank you for being so sweet. and know that i'm rooting for you, and hoping that every new day is better than the last.


June said...

Mr. Greenjeans looks great! Found you through Ravelry and then the fiberblending group. Love your style! I know it's cliche but time heals all wounds, and I hope time moves quickly for you.

KC said...

Thanks June and Annie!