Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fibers Through Time was Fabulous!

Some of our class. Anne Fletcher is showing her hand spun and how she split a roving and used each color in differend skeins.

I got back Sunday night and got the garage arranged better for a dye studio. I was so excited to begin dyeing roving to spin! I worked yesterday and wrote two contracts, Yeah! So today and tomorrow, my days off, I can concentrate on fiber and house cleaning :)

In our Color in Spinning class, the teachers were Jill Holbrook and Mary Snyder. We spent the first day carding 20 samples and blending colors to create a rainbow for our notebook! The only bad thing was all the fiber in the air made my allergies so bad that by the evening I was drugged up to the max and had to go to bed at 8 pm! Not like me at all! But the next day we spun hand painted rovings in different ways so my nose was much better. This is Mary showing us how to Handy Ply. It is like Andean plying but you don't go around your middle finger both ways.

We helped each other alot and I made several new friends. Marty (in the puppy shirt on my right) showed me how to wind a small skein on my foot!

We learned how to fractally spin our fiber for subtle striping and also navajo ply which gives a 3 ply yarn that has more color definition because you use just one bobbin and ply the yarn to itself. Image a large crochet chain, if you will.
I knit mine up and will make a small bag out it. The top is the fractal section and the bottom is navajo ply. I plan to embellish it with sea shells and drift wood for a beach scene. It really reminds me of the beaches in Washington where I grew up.

Also on my list of things to do today are weigh in at Weight Watchers and get my yearly mamagram. Then I will come home and get to some dyeing (I Hope!) Hugs to all! KC


Delighted Hands said...

Glad you had a great time! Love the way the colors turned out on your sample; the colors were an interesting mix.

Amy said...

Looks like a lot of fun! That is on my list to do, someday.

KC said...

Thanks, DH. It is an interesting mix. Shows how unexpected spinning can be and how fun!

Amy, I will keep you in the loop in two years when we have it again!