Saturday, May 17, 2008

Learning to Weave!

Jill spining in the background
Lura, my weaving teacher.

This is my true begining into Weaving! On Tuesday,with my dear friend Lura's help, I got a warp on the warping board and got the table loom threaded. It did take a while, but I enjoyed the process, which, I understand is a really good thing!

Then, a few days later, I went back to Lura and Jill's house and got the warp tied on and began to WEAVE! Yes, really, folks. All I could do was sing "I am a weaver now" The checks began to appear as if by magic, and it is so fast! I think I am going to be hooked, if I am not already!

It was so nice to be there and all three of us kept chatting. Jill is my spinning instructor and now to learn weaving from Lura, I am twice blessed with such good friends. and they only live 5 minutes from me!

On the work front, things are going well. We are still selling and my company was number 1 in the Tucson market for home builders for the month of April! And a third of those numbers were ours, at our subdivision! Now, if the houses will close...I can get paid!

I will be going to Cats on Sunday night with Jill, Lura and a new friend, Chris. I have never seen the musical, just know some of the songs from Choir and such. Really looking forward to it. I am going to scoot out of work early and meet everyone for dinner and then the show. I am really pumped. Life is good. Hugs to all, KC


Annie said...

you look so happy!!! happiest, even!

what will your weaving be, do you think? do you have a plan?

Rayah said...

Looks great! I'm impressed with how much you've done already! It sounds like once you get the warp on there, the pattern goes pretty quickly... I can't wait to try it out, too! Hope you have/had a great time at the play :) Call me!

Delighted Hands said...

Your first project looks great-glad you are trying another fiber adventure-good therapy.