Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Trip to Show Low, or My friends are Aces!

I took off in a rented Mazda 5 on Monday afternoon. Fortified with Chocolate and water and a full tank of gas, I left my worries and bald tires behind, along with the desert heat.

The drive up was fun in the sporty sedan and as always, I enjoyed the scenery. (sorry, didn't think to stop for pics). Let's just say that the drive up has similar vistas to the Grand Canyon, but if you stop to do much looking, you stand the chance of getting behind a Walmart Truck and going REALLY slow! I did get a lot of zip in the passing lanes, they are right about the Zoom,Zoom on the commercials.

I stayed with my BFF Marilyn, who happens to be a Shaman. I got a lot of time to just be, and got some spiritual clearing treatments that were really beneficial. Marilyn and I went shopping on Tuesday and went to two thrift stores, two high end country style gift shops, the yarn store and the quilt store! I have purchases from each one, of course!

My favorite purchase was at the St.Vincent dePaul's: A soft as butter, wonderfully worn, Black Leather Jacket! I call it my "alter ego" biker chick coat!

Tuesday night we had a girls craft night where I worked on a beater for my drum, Marliyn painted on Coyote gourd rattles and Minda sewed some leather medicine bags. Barb kept up company and we all had a wonderful time.

As with all friendships, I got to learn something new about Marilyn this trip. She Loves to Weed her yard! Here she is enjoying her favorite past time!

The picture at the top is aview from her deck. Really a slice of heaven on earth.

The ride home was quick and I picked my car with the new tires on it and home I went. The dogs were glad to see me and the cat dissapeared as soon as I fed her. Cats!

I am going to give some more time tonight to the Amanda Hat, just so I can finish it. Not crazy about the pattern stitch, but the color of Malabrigo is outstanding. I haven't gotten my malabrigo swap yet, so I must have someone who is waiting for everything to come in before they send it. I need to check Rav to see if my swapee enjoyed her package. She got it and didn't post before I left. Back to work routine tomorrow. All is well.


Annie said...

how fun was THAT? have you tried your drums out with the new beaters?

KC said...

Yes, but only casually. I will take it to full moon on Friday the 16th.