Thursday, February 28, 2008

Almost Malabrigo March!

Here are some photos of the swatches that I have been working on for Mmmalabrigo March for the Ravelry group. I will be participating in the Mr. Greenjeans sweater KAL
The yarn I am knitting it with is the Malabrigo worsted Merino in Emerald Blue. I got it from They have great customer service and I recommend them, plus the shop owner is participating in the Mr. GJ KAL, which is a fun bonus for me!
The purple swatch will probably be for a hat KAL as well. The Malabrigo group in Ravelry is hopeing that with everyone casting on at the same time on March 1, it will push Malabrigo Merino up to number one on the Ravelry Yarn List!

I also finished Clara's Quant headband. I am really ahead with her birthday, which is toward the end of March. Her main present is already up in Everett! I just love internet shopping for long distance gift giving, don't you?

I have been battling a nasty cold that turned into infection this last week. Now that I am on antibiotics, I am feeling much better. I did get some knitting done while I stayed at home, but I had to rest alot and as well as feeling yukky and coughing constantly, I went through an emotional wringer. I got mad and cried and acted out. Being sick really can get me off my even keel. I am glad to be almost back to my happy go lucky self, today.

I also want to thank all of you who check in regularly to this blog. I know I don't respond to each post, but I want you to know how much your comments mean to me. They always make me smile and give me some good things to think about.


Annie said...

OH YAY!!!! i love what you've chosen from mr.g, and i'm excited about you starting. the 'original' sweater is in the shop. it is on a mannequin (who wears a skirt) with one arm in a vase of scarves.

i'm sorry to hear that you've been sick. i hope that the a-b's work really well and that you're totally recovered soon. do you owe your partner some flowers? ;)

KC said...

Thanks, Annie, I am feeling much better.
I don't think flowers for my Annie, as she left me alone all weekend while she went a watched Golf or played Golf. The real reason behind my fits!

We are on smoother ground now, and hope to spend today together after my dentist appointment!