Friday, February 15, 2008

EEk! I Steeked!

Well, I sucessfully sewed and steeked my noro vest! And I sewed up the sides and did the 3 needle bind off at the shoulders. It is amazing how Fear keeps a good knitter down. This is my first time really putting a garment together. So now I can really say that "I am a Fearless Knitter" Enjoy the pictures of my process. And,yes, that is a dirty vodka martini beside my sewing machine, with nods to EZ.

I am now knitting the ribbing around the neck edge, which did need to be restarted, as at first, I kept going in the round, rather than turning and going back. This will help create the overlap in the front for a nice finished look, I think.

We had a nice, quiet Valentines day here. We stayed home and watched "Becoming Jane" which is about Jane Austin's early life as a writer. I do reccommend it, but be warned, we both cryed buckets at the end.

Hope you all are well, and I want you to know that I do appreciate the few loyal readers who comment. I haven't forgotten our comment drawing. I will be coming up with a new one very soon! KC


Annie said...

what colourway is that noro? i want to start a rangoli hat, and that is definately the colour i wish it was!

i don't think you need to do comment drawing! it's a great blog, and worth the visit every time.

you're so brave with the steeking... i HAVE to do mine this weekend, i just do.

Delighted Hands said...

Nice work-I sew as often as I knit so the sewing didn't startle me but cutting through was a bit nervy-great job on the vest!

Laiane said...

This vest pattern was my first steeking experience, too. I love the Noro colors you picked!