Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Poll, Please Vote!

Hi all, I am considering putting a few fiber items on either EBay or Etsy. I need to know from you which one you may prefer, or any other comments that you would like to share.

As for my research, Ebay costs a bit more, and seems to nickle and dime you for things like extra pictures. Etsy is all handcrafted items, which is great, and it is cheaper, but the site itself is not very search friendly. Ebay is really specific and user friendly.

As for my knitting, I have another pair of Mrs. Beetons nearly finished and am finishing the second blue sock so there will be Two, Two Christmas presents done. HAHAHA (think of the Count on Sesame Street!) Then I will go back to some felted slippers for Ann's birthday which is in less than 2 weeks and hope I can get them done while at work, so they will be a surprise. It is hard to knit for someone you live with when they work at home and you see them all the time.

And David Reidy came back from break! So now I am waiting for Brenda and Heather to both get well. Sending them love and light and health!

Well, back to finishing the blue socks. KC


Delighted Hands said...

Go for it-I have tried to locate things on Etsy but it is hard to find things......Ebay is easy for that but I, too have sold through them and it is irritating to pay for the extras etc but you will get results....set a goal of a 3 month term for example and see how you do. If not a lot of sales, you will have a ton of yarn available for yourself! Keep us posted on your decision.

La Duchesse said...

Mom got really fed up with eBay because they seem to have a lot of "hidden" fees. By the time she finished listing anything, it ended up being way more expensive than she'd anticipated. I don't know much about Etsy, but it does seem like their listing fees are a lot more reasonable. Good luck!