Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy November!

My goodness, I didn't realize how chubby I looked last year! Or perhaps it is just too early to face myself with only 1/2 a cup of coffee in me. I have lost weight since then, really. To make up for it, here is a picture of the lovely HooDoos at Bryce Canyon. It you haven't been, you must try to go.

OK, I have more coffee and my computer glasses. Sorry about the odor, I just put base coat on my nails. I use Orly Bonder which is rubberized and makes my polish last at least 5 days which is 4 days more than if I don't use it!

Socks are on my mind and in my hands lately. I have the toe ups for Ann going well, and I went back to a pair I had set aside that are out of Tofutsie. I am using the blue color way. I had started the pattern from a mystery sock group, but when I realized the pattern of the mystery only made an ankle sock, I changed what I was doing and began a yarn over cable on the leg. It is a great pattern. When I got to the gusset, I stopped and began the second sock so that I could remember how I did the first one and not be caught in second sock syndrome. Then I put them away. Now I am back to them and, besides having to rip the first one back a bit, they are going well. I have both at the gusset decreases and hope to finish them this weekend. That will be one more gift done!

This morning it came to me to put together a "Sock Notebook". You see, I have so many patterns for socks printed off the internet just floating around, that they need a home. Actually they need a home that goes with me. I have a file folder stuffed full of patterns of socks, but there they languish. I want to have a portable, non crushable, nearly hugable, way to have my favorites with me. I will be working on that today.

The other thing on my mind is "I Miss My Pod Casts!" Brenda Dayne of Cast-On has been in Italy, David Reidy of Sticks andString has been on break, and Heather O of Craft Lit had a sore throat last week. I was sooo hoping this morning that all three would be up, but no. So for the last two weeks I been listening to a new podcast (to me) Forgotten Classics with Julie D. I am really enjoying "The Black Moth" of her early shows. Julie reads a few chapters a week and does a great job picking stories. If you like Halloween, she did several shows last month of short spooky stories!

It still is in the mid 80's here and I can't stand it. I am ready for some cool. At least at night it gets down to the 60's and we can have the windows open. Ohwell, enough complaining. I am off to get ready for work. I will post pics of the blue socks in the next few days. Take care all. KC


Anonymous said...

just a quick wave from another Tucson knitter/dyer/cacher! (Golefts on What's your cache name? If you ever want a cache run -

KC said...

Hi Golefts! I am Knit Girl on I hope to get out and find another cache with my kids this weekend over Thanksgiving! KC