Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Spring!

Today is the first day I have begun to heat the pool. I am having some out of town family over this morning and promised the little guys that they could swim. I am going to take advantage of it myself, too. But Horror Of Horrors, My Pool Basket Ball is FLAT! This is a Major Breach! I have to go buy a pump, 'cause the one last summer broke.
For a flash back on pool fun, here is pic from September. Gotta Love a pool when it is over 100 degrees. Today won't get that hot, but hopefully up to the 80's so it will be fine for the boys. Me, I may whimp out unless the sun is beating down :)

That is my daughter, Ravel Rayah, (Sharayah) with the ball and my son Shad.


Annie said...

i didn't know you had a son! how many children do you have?

ahhhhh.. to have a pool. it's a lot of work tho, isn't it?

KC said...

Thanks, he is a handsome devil, yes? The one child not in this picture is my youngest daughter, Clara.

The pool has an inground cleaning system and a cartridge chemical pack, so except for hosing down the two big filters with the power washer 3 times a year, it isn't too bad! Really worth it down here. Come visit!