Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last ditch efforts

I have been madly crocheting the handspun shawl that I am putting in the Fibers through Time Gallery. It is a great pattern by local fiber guru, Kathy Withers of Unique Designs. I was hoping to finish last night and block this morning, but of course, my friend Murphy showed up and said HA right in my face. I am about 4 yards short of yarn to finish the last row. I think I can spin more to match. going to give it a go here in a moment, but thought I would let you all know how it goes.

Had a great time with Sharayah here. We knit and watched movies and she participated in our Gansey study group and came home and knit nearly the entire teddy bear sweater in the following days! The girl is amazing!

She is back in Bellingham,WA now for a few more months to finish her BA, then she comes to live here, YEAH! She called yesterday and told me it was snowing up there. She was so dejected and is so looking forward to being here in the sunshine, it was rather sweet.


Barbara said...

What workshop are you taking at Fibers Through Time?

I'm in the Bookbinding and box making class with Curt.

KC said...

That sounds like fun! I am in Jill & Mary's color in spinning class. I am looking forward to meeting you in person tonight!