Monday, October 15, 2007

The puppy got the yarn!

This dog got into

my handspun from the other day (see below) and now it is a knarled mess! So that answers the question about wetting it on the niddy noddy. I will have to untangle it some day and re-wash it.

We have been busy this weekend with golf, (Ann) and work (me) and celebrating my birthday! It is actually today, but we went out with Ann's brother and friend for dinner on Saturday to Fletchers and had a great time. Ann got me "Bag Style" and a spa day at Gadabout! And her brother got me an ipod Shuffle! It is soo tiny and it is purple! I used it at work yesterday and just clipped it to my shirt. It was so easy to take off when customers came in. I love it!

Early morning meeting at the main office, so gotta run. Then my co-workers are going to breakfast with me for my B-day. Gave a great day, all. KC

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Delighted Hands said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day with friends!