Tuesday, October 23, 2007

good beginning

Well, I have the first toe done on my Socks for Ann. After talking with her, I decided that I will not be doing the "brimstone" pattern in the foot section, as it may bother her. So I am off the hook for the moment. Brimstone waves will have to wait for the leg section to be figured out. I think the toe up method will work well for both of us, as I am noticing wear on the sides of my socks where I have done the k2 tog and the ssk. They get stretched and thin and look like they need some TLC, even though they may be less than one year old.
Hopefully tomorrow my book will come from Amazon about knitting toe up with 2 circular needles. I will let you know.
Thanks to everyone who has been posting comments! You all will be in the drawing for the light rust yarn shown below. It is a blend of Merino that was dark rust with spashes of green, gold and red that I carded with some natural alpaca and spun up on the wheel. It is two ply and aprox. 100 yards.
And for the poll, I am glad to see most everyone is in the same boat, with several Holiday gifts still on the needles or perhaps still just in our inspired section of gray matter! For the wonderful person who says that they are nearly done and just need to sew in some loose threads, I applaud you! Please email me with photos and I will have a special prize for you.
For everyone who is affected by the devistating fire in Cali, my heart goes out to you. My Brother in law is safe so far in Carlsbad, but I am anxious to get to work and see if our San Diego division was hit. I wish I could just pack all my yarn and needles in the car and drive over to the stadium and sit and knit with whoever needed to. If any of you in the area there can do this, please, let me send you supplies. email me kcqqltr at comcast dot net. Best to all, KC

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Thanks for kind words on my blog.