Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weekend in Pinetop

We had a wonderful time this last weekend up in Pinetop. Our dear friend, Minda, married a wonderful man, Kevin. Their wedding ceremony was a very spiritual experience, created around an outdoor fire ceremony. Afterward, many of us drummed and conversed around the fire while everyone ate and drank with sparkle lights in the trees. Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car in the parking area, too far off to retrieve. If I get pics from another source, I will share them.

On Sunday, I went with Ann to Pinetop Lakes Country Club. We paid the riders fee for me and she golfed with two nice men from Albuquerque. I listened to my ipod and read up on Geocaching. All the while, knitting last minute gifts for Kevin and Minda! The weather was beautiful, with a slightly chilly breeze of 70 or so. I enjoyed myself more than I thought possible. Ann played well and it was fun to see her in action.

As we left the golf course, it began to rain, so we put off going hunting for caches and went to see our old neighbor, Carol, instead. We found her in weakend health due to a massive heart attack last year. So we stayed for a good visit and encouraged them to visit us in Tucson this winter.

That evening, we went out to eat with Marilyn, Barbara, Minda and Kevin, to our favorite place, Mountain Thai. Yummy food and great friends. We left the next morning from Marilyn's great new house on the hill, feeling like we had had a perfect visit home. I even got Ann to go to the local yarn shop, Yarns & more, and she bought yarn from me to knit her two scarves and a pair of socks! The first scarf is going great and I will post the pattern and pictures later in the week.

Enjoy a few pics of Ann and the gang. Also, what I knit Minda and Kevin: Wristers for their early morning walks and evening time around the fire.

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