Thursday, September 13, 2007

Slippers done!

Here are the post-felted slipper clogs. They keep getting softer and yummier to wear everyday. I have already started a pair for Ann!

I played bunko last night with a group of gals and had a blast. They said the "newbies" get to host right away, so next mont, Bunko at our place! It is fun having something fast to play. It is a good change from knitting and spinning!

Lest you think I have forgotten my "cache" part of things, I am going to attempt to find a cache or two this weekend when we are in the Pinetop/ShowLow area for Minda's wedding. Ann will be playing golf on Sunday, so that is when I hope to get out in the woods! I will keep you posted. Oh man, please disregard the skinny ankles! KC


LDSVenus said...

wow what a difference the felting made!! I would have been so afraid at how big they were :P. They look awesome. I might have to try and make a pair myself. Does she use charts or written out, I cant read charts (learn disability) I have to have the patterns written out, so some designers I cant buy patterns from :(.

Zing said...

Aren't felted slippers fun to make!
When you first knit them and they are so huge you thing "What have I gotten myself into". I use dip-it to make little beads on the bottoms. I'm knitting a pair now and have completed 2 pairs. One for my daughter and 1 pair for my son-in-law. They have wooden floors and needed something to keep from slidding. I load the dip-it into a oral medicine syringe (the kind you use for kids to give them medicine) with the tip cut off and then apply. See a sample here in my archive in March 2007 -
Happy Knitting.