Thursday, May 23, 2013

Recovered Blog for a New Me

After figuring out my old email and password, I was able to log in again to my KnittinCacher blog. In looking back at old post and pictures, I am amazed at how many things have changed, and how many have stayed the same. Change from 4 years ago, I am employed and happy in my job Still the same, My kids are fantastic and now 2 of them are graduating, one with a Masters and one with a BA. Different, I am with a man and intend to stay with him a long time. Same, I still am passionate about knitting. Finding the bottom of blackness in relationship two years ago brought me back to the light of recovery. Two years clean and sober. Settling back into the Seattle North End of the Lake area has been really good for me. I even have friends from High School I see occasionally. I went geocaching last fall. I am hiking monthly with my man and other friends. I have a whole new appreciation for the outdoors. I still love Forgotten Classics and am happy that the podcast continues. I am happy to be 50 years of age and intend to age well and long. I still love Thai food and am having some picked up soon and then will eat watching Doctor Who. More later, as I can. KC

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