Friday, October 2, 2009

Seattle Update, Finally!

The reason I came to Seattle in the first place: My baby, Clara Rose, graduated from Mariner High, with Honors. She sang a duet of "over the Rainbow", the IZ version and it was the highlight of the whole ceremony! I couldn't be more proud of all my children. And, I get to see them often. It does my heart good, I can tell you :)

I have been having a busy summer here in Seattle. I had to move twice and am staying now in a house with 4 other women, 5 dogs and one cat. It is an adventure! I really am having a good time, for all the chaos that my lifestyle involves.

My job at the Fiber Gallery is very wonderful. I work mainly on the weekends and fill in when others are on vacation. I get to teach some of the classes and am the resident "right handed" crocheter. So I have been doing some wonderful crochet for the shop as well as on my own.

I went to one of the local kntting groups, the Capitol Hill Knitters of Doom (group on Ravelry) and met some really nice gals. Two of them met me at the shop the next day and we had a great time hanging out. Then, yesterday, one of them came over and we did some dying! Here are some pics:

So, I have to get going for the rest of my day and prepare more for the crochet class I teach this weekend. Best to all and now that I am back on Ravelry, you can find me there, too! Hugs, KC

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